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Christmas at Joann Fabrics – Craft Ideas

Christmas at Joann Fabrics – Craft Ideas

On this page of will we give you some tips and ideas of fun crafts for Christmas this is all easy stuff that you can make yourself at home and you can get the supplies at Joann Fabrics. But first what is new from Joann Fabrics this Christmas season.

So what are new from Joann Fabrics this Christmas season?

Joann Fabrics are releasing a new collection of sewing and crafting projects. Like they say themselves “to inspire creativity and new holiday traditions among DIY enthusiasts”. It is a typical red and white christmasy collection that includes snowflakes,poinsettieas, holly and reindeer.

One thing that I really like about what Joann Fabrics products is that it gets the family together and let them create their own tradition making fun stuff together. Spending quality time with your family is sometimes forgotten in these stressfull days.

Some ideas to make for Christmas would be: create your own Christmas cards,sew stockings, create your own gifts.

So what will Joann Fabrics offer this Christmas?

Holiday decorated pillows, tree skirts,table runner, this and lots more, you can get the latest at joann fabrics.

Now Some More Craft Ideas

The first Video will show you some ideas of crafts for Christmas they show you an Advent calender, button ornaments, puppets and more.

The second video will show you how to make an ornament using a pine cone.



We want to know WHY you like shopping at Joann Fabrics, what is the best purchase you have made there, what is the best SALE you ever got there?

Please leave a comment at let others know what YOU think, thanks!

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